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Caring for Your Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are commonly made of silicone, hence, they are often referred to as silicone bracelets. This type of polymer is water resistant, really strong, and elastic, so you can expect your bracelet to last a number of years. However, with improper care, you can undoubtedly shorten the life of your rubber bracelet. To prevent that, here are some care tips that you have to follow.

Keep Away from Fire

Rubber bracelets are heat resistant, but they are still made of rubber, which is flammable. Therefore, make sure that you do not leave your bracelet near a source of fire, like your cooking stove. If you light a cigarette, see to it that the fire is well away from your wrist or you can hurt yourself when the rubber catches fire.

Clean Regularly

rubber braceletsDust particles and smudges will eventually deposit on the surface of your rubber bracelet. They are easy to clean, though. Just wash it under running water with a little drop of liquid soap. Do not use an abrasive brush. If the dirt is that hard to remove, find a soft sponge to rub it with then pat it dry. Do not hang the wristband under the sun because that will fade its color. To avoid those hard-to-remove dirt, it is advisable that you clean your rubber bracelets regularly, like once a week, so that they remain looking clean and hygienic as well.

Store Properly

As mentioned, too much exposure to sun can make the color of your bracelet fade; hence, keep it in a cool and dry place. You can buy one of those box organizers that have dividers inside them then lay your wristband flat. Do not fold the rubber bracelet when you store it because that may lead to deformation.

Take It Off Before Sleeping

You may be too lazy to remove your bracelet when you go to sleep but doing so may cause you to lie on it unconsciously while you are sleeping. Again, this may deform your wristband. At least, take it off your wrist and place it on your bedside table.

Avoid Stretching Too Much

Yes, silicone is highly elastic, but if you stretch it way too much repeatedly, it may not be able to go back to its original size and you will have a wristband that is too loose for you to wear anymore. Therefore, avoid using your rubber bracelets to hold your books together. You can only do that when the wristband is already too old and you do not want to wear it anymore. By that time, you can find other uses for it around your home.

No Chemicals

Rubber reacts with abrasive chemicals too. Hence, if you plan to scrub your toilet clean, remember to remove your bracelet first. Do not leave it near this type of chemicals either.

Simple Hacks

Smudges can really make your rubber bracelet look old and dirty. Here is a simple hack that can solve that. Try using your pencil eraser. Just rub it over the smudge and watch it disappear. If you do not have an eraser, your toothpaste can do the trick too.

Take It to the Shower

Here is an easy way to clean your rubber wristband – take it to the shower with you. You can run your shampoo over it and let the lather remove any dirt that may have lodged on the debossed print. Just remember not to scrub it with your loofah or any abrasive sponge.

There you have it, easy ways to keep your bracelets looking clean and new. No one will ever think that your wristband is several months or years old if you know how to care for it. Caring for it is not just for aesthetic purposes, as doing so saves you some money. After all, you won’t be buying a new wristband every now and then.

The Motivational Speaker and the Personal Integration Component of the Craft

Not everyone is cut out for the business of public speaking. Although it can be a desirable profession for some people, there are those who consider it to be the ultimate challenge of confidence and knowledge. The thing about public speaking is that it is indeed possible for someone to develop and hone the skills that are necessary to create a motivational speaker. There is a certain amount of effort that goes into the process but this should not intimidate someone too easily. A handful of simple steps can help you become a great public speaker. These steps are divided into two categories namely personal integration and promotion.

The personal integration category simply pertains to the activities that one should undertake in order to prepare himself for the challenges that come with becoming a public speaker. In this field, it is important for someone to know current events on a global scale. It is also necessary for the aspiring speaker to be articulate. This is why constant reading has its benefits. Everything from local publications to newsprint to online sources can provide a motivational speaker with the background that he needs to prepare speeches on a variety of topics.

motivational speakerAnother element of integration is the improvement of skills when it comes to the art of speaking in public. Plenty of schools offer short classes on public speaking. If you really want to engage in this profession, it is a good idea to consider taking these classes. It will teach you how to speak in public and how to conquer your fears when speaking to a large group of individuals.

Recording speeches is another excellent tactic for any motivational speaker. This will give the professional an opportunity to watch his presentation and make the necessary tweaks prior to the actual event. If he gets bored watching himself talk, then he should really change a couple of things here and there. Through the video, the speaker will also see any potential flaws in the delivery of the speech, should there be any. Some of these flaws include the poor usage of gestures, issues with maintaining eye contact, awkward movements on stage, and so on and so forth.

In order to maintain a good reputation in the industry, the public speaker must continually deliver outstanding speeches. In order to do this, apart from the reading aspect, he should also take the writing element seriously. Regular practice sessions can help boost one’s writing skills from the proper use of conjecture to the proper phrasing of words. A good way of satisfying this component is by maintaining a blog.

The final component of the integration category involves some brainstorming activity not only on the kind of speech to be delivered or the theme that it is required to fall under, but also on the types of equipment that the motivational speaker will be utilizing during the presentation. Although plain conversation works well, aided conversations work even better. Simple guide tools like PowerPoint presentations or supporting print materials can make a huge difference.

Personal integration matters tremendously when it comes to the profession that a public speaker is engaged in. It is important for speakers to be in tune with what they are talking about. They should be familiar with the topic and they should find a way for it to be acceptable to their listeners. It is all about preparing oneself to create and deliver the best speech that will engage the audience and influence them to make a positive change in their lives. This is the ultimate goal of any motivational speaker and when action is taken, then he has done his job well.

How to Spot a Good Maker of Custom Patches

Here is a part of a regular spiel that you would hear or read from a company that makes custom patches: we can make the best patches for your budget. However, only a customer can tell what he wants out of his order – he wants his patches durable, budget-friendly, and right at his doorstep when he wants it. You would have to admit that it is hard to find a company that would be willing to give you everything that you need when you call them for an estimate.

If you have had a bad experience trying to contact a custom patch maker, do not fret – the industry has grown and thanks to healthy competition, more great companies have emerged during the last decade. The only problem that you need to face is how to identify the good eggs from the bunch. Here are the factors that you need to consider when choosing who would make your custom patches:

How Long Have They Been Around

Here’s an idea about pricing – the longer the patch maker has been in business, the lower their prices for custom patches are. The logic behind it is that they have more clients than other custom patch makers in the neighborhood, and since they are a trusted name in the industry, they want to make sure that their products are competitively priced.

custom patchesIt also pays to read Better Business Bureau reviews and customer testimonials about a custom patch company to have an idea of the quality of their products. If people are raving about them, then they must be a good company to do business with.

How Many Options Are They Willing to Give

When you order custom patches, the company that you are calling would ask you the following questions: how many patches you need, what kind of design you require, and how fast you need them. Your answer to these questions would largely affect not only the pricing, but also the company’s commitment to the order.

Here’s a fact: not all companies are willing to shoulder small orders for patches, which limits the number of custom patch makers that you can choose from. At the same time, most companies are willing to charge more for a small order. If you are merely going to buy, say, 10 pieces, better go for a company that would not take advantage of your limited option. Choose a maker that has the integrity to give a competitive price, even for a small quantity order.

How Many Freebies You Are Getting

Some great custom patch makers make you feel great customer service by not just picking up your minimum order, but also, throwing in a lot of freebies. Some of the common free stuff that you get from established custom patch makers are art labor, revisions, and threads. When it comes to materials and labor, the quality custom patch companies only require you to pay extra when you go beyond the basic requirements that is going to be needed to make a patch. That means that you only spend a lot if you require a design that would require a good amount of stitches and if you are going to require the use of special materials, such as metallic or neon threads. Everything else would be within the standard rate that they offer.

While you are at it, also pay attention to the service that they are giving you regardless of the quantity of your order. There are companies out there that are willing to offer a free estimate and free shipping no matter how large or small your order is.

Hiring A SEO company That Sells You Lemon Campaigns – Avoiding Disaster

Go back in time and you will find that there were a lot of used car dealers that were selling bad vehicles to people. They are what are called “lemons”. This prompted many laws to change within states that require dealers to sell quality cars instead of bunk items. This notion of a lemon is interesting because it applies directly to what many company are selling people in regards to marketing collateral. You will find that there is no shortage of companies that are selling empty promises and solutions that will not suffice to move forward with online marketing. Today’s marketing involves far more than just keyword stuffing, content marketing, and updating a website on a daily basis. There was a time where you could update your website once a day and watch the proverbial flood gates come through to your site. That’s no longer the case, but that doesn’t stop a lot of companies from saying that it works. You will want to avoid any SEO company that claims to be doing something revolutionary, and then turns around to give you nothing in return for your money.

The Reason Why This is Tempting

seoThere are several main reasons why people purchase lemon marketing campaigns. It’s because they seem legitimate. There’s an illusion about the way things work online, and many people buy into it. Look up the term SEO company and you will get hit with so many results that you will not be able to just pick one. In fact, at press time nearly a million results show up in major search engines. Which ones will help you get the right leverage within your niche? That’s something that is hard to define with a short article, but it’s definitely something to think about.

When you do start to break down the results, you will notice that many companies promise you low prices and high returns on your initial investment. Lots of them will even have prepackaged SEO campaigns that are supposed to super charge your marketing efforts. Some of the packages include low cost solutions for article marketing, publishing, backlink generation, and web 2.0 site creation. These are all fine and dandy, but you’ll find that with the creation of these pages, you will end up losing sight of what is most important, and that’s long term growth within search protocol.

Taking prepackaged options will only lead to penalties and frustration. When search engines look to see whether your site is involved in any shortcuts, they will find a great deal of problems. Those problems will not manifest until after you spend money on the services. The tempting part about all of this is the price. The price tag can be as low as $60 in some cases and the language will all seem too good to be true. It is in fact too good, to be true and you’ll find out the hard way.

Avoiding Getting Duped Into Bad Search Engine Optimization

Avoiding the maze of solutions that abound on the web today is hard. If you are in dire need of help with internet marketing, take your time when selecting the right SEO company for your needs. Make sure that you use common sense when cycling through available candidates, and make sure that you look at their track record, history and more. Do not just order any old service. It’s too easy to purchase services and hope for the best, but you will find that the results will pale in comparison.

When you are lost amidst so many results, look for sites that are within your niche. Once you have isolated some sites, contact webmasters and anyone that you can that is doing well with their work. Ask them to point you into the direction of a good SEO company. You may be surprised with how many people are using a good service and will give you insight into what works, what doesn’t work, and what to avoid.

What A Lemon Campaign Looks Like

If you’re not sure whether you have purchased services that are akin to lemons, you should know what campaigns will look like. You will get marketing vocabulary that seems to be true. In some instances you will get reports with the work that is implemented on your behalf. That report will reveal the telltale signs that something is awry.

The report will have a long list of backlinks from domain names that aren’t very good at all. Look into some of them and see where you land. If you find your links being placed in websites that are non-English, outside of your niche, and packed with other people trying to “game” the system. As for the web 2.0 websites, you will notice that they are from domains that are not only free, but that are non-authority modeled.

Furthermore, you may get a spike in traffic, but it will be from 1 IP address or one domain name. Some companies put your site in what are known as traffic generators. Traffic generators cycle your website to bots that will look at your site for 30 seconds. This is similar to web rings in the past, and will cause you serious issue.

When you hire a SEO company, make sure that you keep all the above in mind. It will help you determine what company is worth spending money with.

If you want to get more traffic then you should follow internet marketing tactics for traffic generation.

USB Extension Cables and Extenders

USB extension cables and extenders are used to extend the distance covered by USB devices. Since USB cables have limited length—5 meters for USB 2.0 and 3 meters for USB 3.0—there becomes a problem of where to put USB devices especially in schools, offices, conference rooms, and big halls. Thus, USB extension cables are needed to cover great distances and eliminate the USB length constraints. These extension cables are available from 15 feet to 50 feet that allows extended USB connections. These extension cables allow anyone to conveniently connect a device or gadget from across a room.

USB cable extensions can be connected any time. It doesn’t need to install software to make a good connection. These USB cables are compatible with any computer, both PC and Mac, and can be connected, disconnected, and reconnected any time. Also, extension cables are easy and are safe to use because they are designed to withstand stress and strain, and are protected by high-quality low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP). This feature complies with building codes that aims to reduce fire hazards.

usb 2.0Each USB extension cable does not require external power supply. It has a USB female connector and a USB male connector. An extension cable can transfer data as fast as 480 Mbps. This cable is usually compatible with all versions of Universal Serial Bus cables—USB 1.0, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0. Extension cables can also be connected to each other; even 3 extension cables can be combines together, to achieve greater length.

Extension cables can be active or passive. Active USB extension cables are designed to transfer data and receive signals consistently and simultaneously. This is because it has a built in signal booster and a gold-plated connector ending that establishes connection faster and better. These USB cables are perfect for game consoles, printer-computer connection, scanner-computer connection, and computer-devices connections. Conversely, passive USB extension cables do not have this feature and is quite cheaper than their active counterparts.

USB extenders enable USB devices to be remotely placed from a much greater distance. Though USB extension cables help in establishing a connection within a great distance of up to 50 feet, USB extenders offer to create a good connection within a much larger space—at times up to 500 feet. Extenders also allow anyone to put their devices or hardware in a secure and safe place

A USB extender has a transmitter, a receiver, and a standard CAT cable. Each extender has at least four USB ports that supplies 500 mA to USB devices connected to them. USB extenders are commonly used to establish connections between a remote computer and interactive whiteboards, keyboards, multiple monitors, and other devices. Extenders are compatible with different operating systems—Windows, MacOS, and Linux. They do not require an installation driver to support all types of USB devices. They also allow fast transfer of data from the computer to other mass storage devices and external drives. They are very reliable, highly functional, and energy-efficient.

Extenders can be grouped into CAT USB extenders, Fiber USB extenders, and CAT extenders can link devices to a host computer up to 300 feet using the standard CAT 5, CAT 6, or CAT 7 cables. On the other hand, Fiber USB extenders can establish a connection up to 10 kilometers distance. A new USB extender uses the wireless technology to connect a keyboard, mouse, flash drives, and hard drives to a computer. Nowadays, there are a variety of choices for a good and quality USB extender that will fit a customer’s needs for USB connection.

Through these USB cables, extension connectors, and extenders, it becomes easier to establish data and signal connections anywhere at any time. They lessen the hassles of setting up networking connections between computers and ease the burden of experiencing technical glitches.

About Customizing Badge Lanyards

Like every other fashion accessory out there, people can order customized badge lanyards in bulk at low prices. Many people and entities will find these useful: office workers, business owners, event organizers, schools, hospitals, charities, and day care centers. They are used for identification, security, VIP access, secure holding of precious objects, and product branding and promotions.

Many manufacturers of badge lanyards have lots of customization options that customers can take advantage of when they order in bulk. They can choose the colors, the types, the materials to be used, the designs, and the attachments or accessories for the object to be dangled. Here are some of the following customization options.

As badge lanyards are made of different materials, different printing techniques are employed to accurately display the desired designs. Printing techniques include heat transfer printing or hot stamping, silkscreen printing, reflective printing, dye sublimation printing, offset printing, woven printing, and 3D printing.

Glitter lanyards, as indicated by their name, glitter when viewed from different angles. They can be used to easily identify event staffers who get caught in the throngs of people who come rushing to a major concert or convention.

Badge lanyardsGlow-in-the-dark lanyards are useful for nighttime events such as rave parties, club gatherings, and night camps. Wearers of glow-in-the dark lanyards will be easily found if ever they get lost.

Reflective lanyards also serve the same purpose as glow-in-the-dark lanyards: for easy identification and finding of the wearer. The printing techniques involved utilize reflective ink.

Silicone lanyards that are printed with silicone ink are for people who really want to stand out from the crowd with their detailed designs. The techniques used in making silicon wristbands can be transplanted onto silicone lanyards.

Some lanyards even come with USB flash drives. This can be useful for people working in the IT industry such as computer technicians who want easy access to their files as well as system utilities such as antivirus software that can be run from the USB flash drive. The USB flash drive is usually hidden inside a clip.

Besides the mandatory accessories such as clips and hooks, lanyards can also have adjusters that are especially made for different wearers of different sizes. The adjusters can come in different forms – they can be as simple as a single colored bead or as complicated as a sliding adjuster.

Other attachments for lanyards include cell phone holders, water bottle holders, carabiners, and breakaway attachments. Most cell phone holders have squeeze buckles that facilitate easy detachment of the phone from the lanyard if ever the wearer decides to use the phone. Water bottle holders can come in two forms: a flexible rubber O-ring that can be worn around the bottle’s neck, or a hook or ring that can be attached to the strap or hook that comes with the water bottle itself.

Carabineers are used for safety applications as well as high-risk endeavors such as rescue operations, mountain climbing, construction, window cleaning, and acrobatics. Breakaway attachments are used to prevent accidental choking in several places such as factories. They come in different forms depending on the nature of the lanyard itself: pop-apart for cord-based and round lanyards, and clip or Velcro for flat lanyards.

Further customization of badge lanyards can be achieved when they are used as holders for lapel pins. As lanyards are generally cheap, they are a great accessory for people who are new to the hobby of pin collecting. The wearer must ensure that the lanyard is made of a durable material such as nylon or silk so as to hold the collective weight of the lapel pins.

Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal attorney, commonly called a defense attorney, is a specialized lawyer who focuses their practice on defending their clients from criminal conduct charges. Some of them are to be hired by the defendant privately and the others are those who are appointed by court. If there is a need to hire a criminal attorney Salt Lake City practitioner, there are certain factors to be considered.

First of all, it should be identified exactly what kind of criminal attorney is required for the case. The defendant has a choice whether to hire a lawyer or not. But no matter how minor the charge is and even if the defendant has no wish to hire a representative in court, it would be advantageous for them to get a consultation with the proper kind of defense attorney. And if it is a serious charge, it is recommended to let a lawyer represent the defendant in court instead of the basic consultation for when they go to trial.

An experienced criminal attorney Salt Lake City representative would have handled enough cases that they would know exactly how to deal with it. They can take care of pretrial issues and the motions that can improve their client’s situation. They are also familiar with the prosecutors that handle cases in the area and would have enough trial experience to be able to support and possibly have the case dismissed.

lawFor this, the charged should know exactly what kind of criminal attorney they need for their case. They would have to know whether they need a federal or a state attorney. If the charge is from breaking state laws, choosing a state attorney that specializes in the defendant’s kind of case will be their best route. Federal attorneys focus on defending against charges of activities that violate the Constitution. Federal attorneys usually have more experience and are very thorough with their investigations as the charges and proceedings are more complex and take a lot more time to handle.

Choosing a criminal attorney Salt Lake City consultant and possible representative that specializes on the case’s charge would ensure that they have dedicated much of their practice on gaining trial experience and knowledge on the laws and technicalities surrounding these charges. It is also notable to recognize the difference between a defense attorney and a public defender. Since public defenders are appointed by court to handle multiple cases, they usually have significantly less time to dedicate to any one case itself. This is because they are reserved for the people charged without the resources to get their own representation.

There are qualities that need to be seen in a criminal attorney Salt Lake City practitioner for them to be considered a good choice in defense cases. They should have excellent communication skills, good reputation, experience, a passion for their work, and a willingness to defend their client to the end. They should also be as willing to handle all aspects of the defendant’s case from the initial hearings to the later stages of the proceedings. A research into the case, the prospective attorney’s background, as well as a consultation interview to determined their aptitude and compatibility with the client will ensure a good cooperative relationship for the duration of the case.

Metal or plastic? Choosing the right material for your recognition pins

Manufacturers of different types of recognition tokens use several kinds of base materials, depending on the design and on the customer’s preference. Most nameplates and a couple of those non-formal pins like awareness pins are made with plastic as the base, especially when these are not designed to be used on a long-term basis. Other kinds of pins, like award or recognition pins and medals, are mostly made with metal as the base.

If you’re the customer who wants to decide whether to use plastic or metal, you might as well learn how these tokens are made, and what kind of work goes into each of these tokens, so that you may be more aware of the price differences before you settle on one supplier or manufacturer.

pinsMost plastic pins, aside from being lighter, are easier to make. Nameplates are probably the easiest to make of these pins. All you do is select the right color, surface and inside, and etch away with the letters using a plastic engraving machine. The plastic material for this type of work has been improved and can withstand the pressure from the engraving machine, to give you a nice-looking product. Usually the letters are of the color of the inner plastic, while the surface color – the first layer – provides the background when this work is finished. Sometimes, the letters are filled with paint of the desired color to make it stand out from the background color.

The etching or engraving process has been improved over time, and today, letters and even whole logo designs can be copied onto the plastic, and then the whole pin in covered with a clear epoxy coating for protection and longevity. The epoxy also gives the pin a shiny look.

There are other innovations in the way plastic is used in the crafting of plastic recognition pins. Shapes and dimensions can be easily imparted on your award pins, especially now with the advent of computer-aided design. If you want less expensive devices, you may want to consider using these for your awarding ceremony.

The use of metal for these recognition pins may have started at an earlier period than plastic. Most award pins in the old days took the shape of coins and were similarly designed. But these days, with dozens of techniques available and with the use of computer technology, any kind of token can be designed according to the customer’s preference.

Metal recognition pins may either be die-cast, die-struck, or digitally printed.

In the die-cast process, metal alloy which in making medals would be zinc-alloy, brass or copper, is smelted and poured into a mold with the letters or text and design are included. The resulting design is polished and can now be uses as-is, or some kind of protective enamel or printed overlay is added in the second phase of the process.

When die-struck, the usually soft metal material is shaped and set by the application of pressure using a forming press. This happens to be the more popular form of “striking” recognition pins. Some finishing touches may be added, like lying over a protective coating.

Now the other type of procedure – that which is digitally printed – may be done on previously cast or struck metal. A colored label is printed on the metal blank by means of a computerized printing machine especially made for these types of base materials. Even photos can be transferred on to these recognition pins from picture files on your computer, using this digital printing procedure.

It pays to have these designs covered with clear, hard material, to resist any kind of damage. Non-corrosive metals may also be left alone. You’ll see how prestigious looking these pins could be when they come out in one metallic color – like coins are made.

You Can Finally Say Goodbye to Your Boring Old Baseball Pins

The pin trading ceremony of a baseball tournament always becomes one of the highlights of the event. It is indeed fun to trade pins with other teams. But for all those times that you have been exchanging pins with other players, haven’t you ever ran out of ideas to put in your baseball pins’ designs? Moreover, haven’t you ever gotten tired of looking at the same old designs and themes of these pins? If you answer “yes” to both of these questions, then you are on the right track. Keep reading so you can finally say goodbye to your boring old baseball trading pins, and say hello to new, more creative, and unique baseball pins designs that only Trading Pin Superstore can offer you!

baseballTrading Pin Superstore has the largest selection of trading pin designs you can find. They offer a great deal of innovative and creative designs, crafted to redefine the way trading pins are usually made. Of course, if you like it the traditional way, there are still some classic designs available for you. If you already have an idea in mind, you can even create your own designs and endorse it to Trading Pin Superstore so that they can turn your design into a finished product. But if you really want taste of new ideas that will recreate your baseball teams’ trading experience, there is definitely a wide variety of design choices available for you!

The baseball pins that Trading Pin Superstore produces are high quality and excellently created. The custom pins can be made according to your teams’ description, motto, or any other details that you desire to incorporate into it. Trading Pin Superstore offers a variation of cloisonné soft enamel trading pins, offset digital printed trading pins, photo etched trading pins, and even stock trading pins if you do not have the luxury of time to wait for new productions. The graphic designers of this one-stop online shop can definitely guarantee exquisite designs like you’ve never seen before. As a matter of fact, there are even available add-on options for you. These are made to make your pins look even more extravagant. One example of this is a dangler which will be attached to your original pin design via a small ring. You can put the name of the baseball event in it, or any other particular detail that you wish to be attached to your pins. You can also customize your pin by putting a slider or a spinner in it. A slider can imitate a sense of movement into your pin. The spinner also does the same, only it imitates a picture of a rolling ball that will surely make your baseball pins trading worthy. Another really amazing add-on option that you can avail from Trading Pin Superstore is the battery-powered LED light feature. Yes, they do light up and yes, they can be blinking lights—it’s just all up to your preference. You can even add glitters and perhaps a bobble head to your pin’s one-of-a-kind design.

The variety of the design choices that Trading Pin Superstore has in store for you is limitless. They have an endless collection of ideas and suggestions to make your pins worthy of the attention. Furthermore, they will not fail you in their capability to deliver the products on time and their facilities are sure to provide for excellent quality trading pins. Custom trading pins have never been this exciting, unique and fun! And you can get them all at a very reasonable price! All you have to do is visit them in their page, and process your orders. Rest assured, this year’s trading pins ceremony will be the best you’ll ever have.

How to Be Engaged with Work

Employees usually keep their jobs not only because they want the job, but more because they need the job to survive. Money is the most common motivator for an employee applying for and wanting to keep his job. Employees, especially those mismatched with their jobs, will have a tendency to care less about the organization and work for more than a year or two for just the salary and not for the sake of the company. This results to poor quality service and consequently, dissatisfied customers. It is very sad to know that there are employees working just to live, but it is true. This does not mean that this fact should be accepted as something that cannot be avoided. There are ways to make employees happy with the job that they have. This can be determined by conducting an employment engagement survey. Through this survey, employees are asked with the right questions that results to evaluation of their behavior and attitude towards their jobs and the company that they work for.

employee engagementAfter the employment engagement survey is submitted by the employees, results are studied and analyzed to create various solutions. These solutions could help improve the attitude and behavior of employees. In the process, the quality of their work output is likewise improved. These will also give them a chance to redefine what their work means for them. The end result should help employees tweak their perspective about their career not only for their betterment, but also for the organization’s. This creates a win-win situation for both the company and the employee.

This initiative helps employees understand what kind of work they are doing. The employment engagement survey allows an employee to analyze how he feels about his work and the company he works for. These feelings are also taken into perspective considering the mission and vision of the organization. Through understanding and knowing what kind of job an employee has vis-à-vis the company’s goals, the employees start moving towards the direction the company wants them to take. With the mission and vision in their mind, they will realize the importance of their work no matter how small their role is in the organization. In this way, employees will know their worth not only as a part of the business, but also as a part of the society.

The employee engagement survey also helps the employee analyze what value he offers to the customer. With the realization of the value of his work, he starts putting more effort towards satisfying the customers better. He will also be able to take the perspective of the customers in analyzing his own work attitude and performance. The improvements he can take to improve himself will also result in improvements in the way he satisfies the company’s customers.

Through the employee engagement survey, the employee is able to learn how to build relationships with his co-employees. The employee engagement survey can also make an employee evaluate the other employee’s behavior towards work. In addition, work does not only include how they finish and serve client’s needs, but also includes on how they interact with each other. No man is an island. Working without creating friendship with the other employees would really make work miserable no matter how good the salary is, no matter how easy the job is, and no matter how good an employee is with his job. Having friends inside the organization makes the hardest tasks a little bit easier than usual. It is very important to have someone to talk to during work. It makes employees more motivated to complete their tasks and makes the organization a second home where an employee can work comfortably. It has been proven by many studies that when an employee is comfortable, his performance will be on its highest.

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