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Choosing from Depository Safes: Tips on Getting your First Drop Safe

depository safesDepository safes, or drop safes, are a great way to store your cash safely before getting it to a bank. Its loading mechanism prevents anyone from taking money out of the opening, or hopper, and the locked compartment means you are the only one who can get to your money… unless you give away the key or the code to someone else.

It is also a good way to prevent thieves from stealing your money in the blink of an eye, since depository safes are very hard to crack in a short period of time. With multiple access doors as well as locks, you can rest easy knowing that the only way your money will get out of the safe is if someone gets the key or the code from you.

If you are thinking of buying depository safes, here are a few things to consider:

• The drop slot. When buying a drop safe, it is important to look at how the drop slot is configured. Does it have “anti-fishing” features, such as jagged edges on the slot to prevent fishing? Is it working properly?

• Size of the drop safe. Think of the size you will get, making sure it suits your business needs. If you need your drop safe to be underneath the counter, you might want to get a small unit. If you want it to be in a more secure place, then you can consider getting a bigger drop safe.

• Loading the drop safe. It is also important to look at how the drop safe is loaded. Front-loading drops, or hoppers, are the most popular choice as they are easy to manage, but there are also rear-loading as well as top-loading drop safes with a rotary hopper. In general, rotaries are the best because of their size, which gives you an extra layer of security.

• Security options. Pore through whatever security features you can put into your drop safe. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Silent alarm: This kind of alarm notifies the authorities without letting the burglars know your employees are doing so.
  • Electronic lock: Combination locks are good, but you have to get a locksmith, or a manufacturer, to reset them in case you need to change the combination. Electronic locks are a great way of getting around this problem, especially when you change employees more often.
  • Biometric lock: It is probably the most secure kind of lock that’s readily available. This ensures that there are only a few people who can open the lock. The fewer the people that have their biometrics registered, the better.
  • Time-delayed entry lock: You see it all the time in banks. Time delayed entry locks are a great way of making sure burglars can’t demand for your safe to be opened anytime they want to. The same technology can now be applied to these safes. This is a good alternative if you don’t have the money for biometric locks.

• Pre-drilled holes. Consider getting drop safes that have pre-drilled holes for better theft control. Drop safes are heavy as they are, but if you can have the safe bolted down onto the floor, it makes them even harder to take. Try getting something that is both heavy and bolted down to the floor and you will see the difference from something that is not bolted down.

Apart from these, there is the normal procedure of going through the basics: the thickness of the steel, entry convenience, re-lockers, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ratings, etc. Ultimately, the final deciding factor is what you are going to use it for. If it is for a small-scale business, such as a small convenience store or storing rent money, it’s best to get something small, or not get depository safes at all. If, however, your needs are far greater than simple storage, getting depository safes would be the best decision you will ever make.

Sure Signs That the SEO Company Is Doomed to Fail

There are many red flags when it comes to hiring an SEO company. Unfortunately, even if the company passed the initial scrutiny, you will only know if the company really qualifies after trying its services. If you are not as confident with the company you hired as you are before hiring it, you must look for the signs to determine how good the company really is.

First, if you notice bulk SEO Companysubmissions on article directories, social bookmarks, forum links and blog comments after just a week or two, chances are, these are automated. Google dubbed this as web spams, and it penalizes such. This will do more harm than what you can take. Protect your website by cutting ties with the SEO company at once otherwise your website will suffer further damages.

Second, if you chose the company based on testimonials and found out that these are fake, it means that the company has no SEO projects to be proud of so far. However, don’t call it quits just yet. Instead, look for other trust signals like tangible metrics. The SEO company must be able to provide you with metrics including organic traffic, organic keywords, organic traffic revenue and conversion rate even if it is its own. If it can make itself rank high, it can also do so for you although you must make sure that it can do just that at the fastest possible time.

Third, some companies lure website owners into acquiring the SEO services from them because it promises better ranking. This cannot be emphasized enough. However, if you fall into the trap, you might learn about the action plan of the company. Based on the website SEO analysis, the SEO company must’ve laid out its plan on how it can make you rank higher on search engines. Aside from ranking, the company must be able to detail its strategies in terms of improving traffic, relevancy and conversion. There should be KPIs and metrics so that you’ll know that the company will do everything to rank your website high organically.

Fourth, the majority of SEO companies actually write for Google and search engines and not necessarily for the target readers. This is something that you can immediately judge from the drivels on the corporate blog, for instance, that add little to no value at all. Great contents are not an option; they are must-haves. If the SEO company you hired cannot provide you with high quality contents, by all means, chuck it in.

Evidently, it is important to screen prospect companies before hiring one. If there is a hint of doubt, even the smallest, do not hire the company. It will not perform and deliver as promised. Go for the SEO company that you are comfortable working with. Take advantage of the free or package trials. Test the waters without obligations and compromise. In the end, you will be thankful that you try the company first before hiring it because it delivers higher organic ranking and higher conversion rate.

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ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

Ecommerce Design and SEO

For the online stores that are trying to make a buck selling goods and services, you’ll need to work within the world of search engine optimization a little differently than a blog would. Yes, there are definitely similarities in the approach, but to dominate the SERP shifts that come and go, you’ll need to do more than just optimize code structure. Because ecommerce sites have a lot more code to work through, a lot of the interior has to be optimized by hand, and done within the updating of the pages. This is a nightmare for just one person to do, which is why ecommerce solutions often times hire a group or a team of tech workers to continually change things, update pages, descriptions and more. If you’re working on a site of this nature, you will want to take into account several different elements of SEO.

First and foremost, SEOif you’re going to be putting up a website to sell things, you will need to ensure that your home page has a lot of information on it. Make sure that the navigation is in place, links are pointing to several pages, and brand links are also all in place. Do not just throw up content or pages without having a lot of information sewn into it. The main page should not be convoluted either, designing it should not be a complex endeavor at all, it should be something that is simple, and to the point. When you have a user come to your site, you will want them to order something straightway, especially if you’re a novelty store or within a niche that has a lot of competition.

Another thing that you should remember is to look into the updating all the images to have certain factors that cajole traffic generation. That means that every image you upload should have certain keyword parameters attached to them. Do not just put up images with random numbers. Make sure that they are titled and updated with alt tags, title tags, and file names that are relevant to your main keywords. Without this, you’ll have a jumbled mess of optimization instead of a streamlined solution.

Another thing that you need to remember in the process of design flow, is to look into optimization from the point of the user. If a person goes to your site and gets lost, or can’t find the product that they need, you are going to lose out in the long term. When traffic dies down, you can almost guarantee that it is a mix of usability errors and search engine problems. When search engines crawl your pages, they look for breaks in data flow, and if there are breaks in continuity, they will stop crawling and your page will become dormant to the SERP flow. When that happens, expect to see little to no traffic hit your pages. That’s something that you will definitely find hard to balance, which is why you’ll need to work carefully to build your optimization strategy properly. Don’t assume that you can do the same thing others can and still perform well, it just won’t happen when it comes to ecommerce layout.